DOWNLOAD NOW ! Yay ! ‘Just One More Time’ has arrived with 10 original songs and 1 beautiful Brazilian cover ‘The Island’ by Ivan Lins.


I am dedicating this album to my Mother Joan ‘Finau’ Weir (nee Sinclair), who was born on the pacific island of Fiji, she was a force of nature in life and influenced the creation of this album when she died in September 2016.   On the night she passed away I wrote a song called ‘Good Night My Queen’ and through my grief I continued writing until I had an album worth of songs. As I moved through the sorting and letting go of my feelings and writing down my impressions and memories, I like to think that the album evolved into something positive, celebrating love and life. I co-wrote ‘Primetime’ with my good friend composer/pianist Ross Loraine and have added a Brazilian standard ‘The Island’ by Ivan Lins. A favourite song of mine and my husband Gary who chose it for me to sing at our wedding and in keeping with my Fijian heritage I included it in the album. Special Thanks My husband Gary has been my ‘Rock’ and has never stopped believing in me. To my gorgeous niece Jasmin who created the title ‘Good Night My Queen’ . To all of my family old and new and big hug to my Dad. All my amazing friends and students . A huge thank you to the musicians who played on the album, I feel privileged to work with such talent. Love Linley xxx


1, Big Oak Tree -Weir 2, I want to Stay -Weir 3, Just One More Time -Weir 4, The Island -Ivan Lins 5, Mr Black -Weir 6, Lover’s Dance -Weir 7, Until the morning Shows -Weir 8, Prime Time -Weir/Lorraine 9, More Than Just Friends -Weir 10, Island In The Sun -Weir 11, Goodnight My Queen -Weir Vocals/Backing vocals – Linley Weir Pianist-John Crawford Double bass/ Bass guitar- Andy Hamill Drums-Simon Pearson Percussion-Jansen Santana Trumpet/Flugel Horn/Cello- Shanti Jayasinha Recorded at Eastcote studios Mixed at Joules Productions by Julian Chown Mastered at Fluid Mastering by Nick Watson Photography by Annabelle Narey